Church and Ministry Website Hosting specializes in hosting websites for churches and ministries.  We have carefully created our hosting packages to meet the needs of your ministry and be as flexible and affordable as possible while providing you with the power, performance and reliability that you demand. Our server is powered with Linux, using the powerful Apache Web Server which is appreciated to be the most reliable and secure software the hosting industry has to offer.

These are our hosting particulars and specifications:

  • Canadian Based: Server is located in Toronto, Canada
  • Server Building Security: Our server hosting facility has 24x7x365 security on the premises
  • VPS: Our server is a Virtual Private Server (only our clients on the server) – this makes the load times faster and the files more secure. This is a much higher calibre server than “shared” hosting environments like you would find on GoDaddy and all other shared hosting providers
  • Website Storage Space: Our Basic Ministry Hosting account has 2GB of storage space which is generally sufficient for most average ministry websites. If you are hosting many pictures, video, or audio files or you have a large blog archive you may require more storage space and we can add additional storage at the cost of $3 per GB per month.
  • Bandwith: 15 GB per month – again this is generally more than sufficient for the average ministry website. If you have a high traffic ratio we can easily increase this amount for $1/additional 2GB per month.
  • WordPress Specialized: We specialize in hosting sites built on the WordPress content management system and have been hosting WordPress sites for over 6 years. We know how to ensure WordPress sites load and serve information quickly and we understand the special firewall security needs to keep WordPress sites secure from malware and hackers.
  • LiteSpeed: Our server has LiteSpeed installed which is the #1 Commercial Server and it essentially improves your site’s bandwith performance which is great for your visitor’s experience and Google gives you extra SEO points for serving your website information faster.
  • Email Addresses: Unlimited email addresses. Typically we set them up as “forwarders” that relay the email to your Gmail/Hotmail etc account. Server based email hosting is also available.
  • MySql Databases: Unlimited
  • Google Analytics: We install Google Analytics on all our WordPress sites.
  • Backup Power: Emergency Backup Power system integrated into the server to ensure safety from power failures
  • Server Security: From firewall and brute force protection, spam prevention and anti-virus protection, we make sure your site is safe!
  • Proactive Server Monitoring: The server is monitored 24/7 – you will not need to notify us of a problem, and probably won’t even know if there was one!
  • Cpanel Interface: The leading dashboard for those who want to manage or access their own hosting panel. One click installs of all major web-based software.
  • SSL Certificates: available for $25 per year and we install them for you.
  • Cloudflare: available upon request.
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