Church communications through Youtube videos.

In our “social media” culture, it is becoming increasingly beneficial to create short videos that can be embedded into your website, used in email campaigns, and shared through social media channels.

Research shows us that when you can capture someone’s attention to your website, they are more likely to watch a two minute video about your ministry than they are to read pages of content about you. People are consuming YouTube videos at a rapidly increasing rate as mobile devices like tablet computers and smart-phones become more widely adopted in our culture.

We now help ministries produce budget conscious videos that you can embed on YouTube that will capture the attention of your target audience and succinctly explain your ministry message.

This process is much more involved than you might imagine. You have to have a well crafted script, proper lighting, clear audio, good video footage, engaging music, and strong images.  We have the team to make this happen!  Each project is a customized job but the results are always excellent – contact us to discuss how we can help you communicate your message through video!

Below are two samples of videos we recently did for CHP Canada (below) or check out the videos we have done for Christmas: