Visual Identity/Branding

How you represent your ministry visually is critically important.  You only get a few seconds to make a strong first impression…and there are many pieces to consider.

We specialize in making sure you have a professional visual identity and a strong, unique brand.  This process doesn’t have to break the bank either.  Our team is very conscious to be good stewards of your budget while making you look your very best.

Church logos, graphic design, photography, and video.

Graphic Design:

  • we have two very professionally trained and experienced graphic designers that can custom design anything you need for online or print!  Whether it is graphics for your web site or the layout of print materials – we’ll get you looking your very best.


  • we have several photographers we can bring in who can take pictures of your staff, parishioners, or general ministry images for use on your web site or in print materials.


  • we have access to a videographer who can capture the story of your ministry in a compelling video presentation