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However, If you are not an iTunes user but would like to download the MP3 files of the episodes directly to your computer, all the links to the files are located here.

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It is my prayer that these conversations will help you gain a deeper knowledge of how to strategically grow your ministry with greater effectiveness, impact, and excellence. Full podcast episode descriptions are located here.

Episode #1: What is a Ministry Story

Episode #2: Join the Conversation

Episode #3: Branding Faith (Phil Cooke)

Episode #4: The Mystery Worshipper (Greg Atkinson)

Episode #5: Is Your Church Talkable? (Guy Richards)

Episode #6: The Foundation of a Great Church Website (David Tonen)

Episode #7: Created in Canada (Adam Fry)

Episode #8: Church Branding (Mark MacDonald)

Episode #9: The Importance of Church Content (David Tonen)

Episode #10: Can Your Church Offer A Disney Experience? (Part 1) (Anthony Coppedge)

Episode #11: What Your Church Must Learn From Disney (Part 2) (Anthony Coppedge)

Episode #12: Church Branding That Resonates (Part 1) (Kerry Bural)

Episode #13: Let Your Church Branding Resonate (Part 2) (Kerry Bural)

Episode #14: Web Publishing for Churches (Chris Cree)

Episode #15: Good Church Marketing Comes From Good Discipleship (David Tonen)

Episode #16: Facebook for Churches (Randy Vaughn)

Episode #17: The Story I Have Been Waiting To Tell (David Tonen)

Episode #18: Cultivate Communications (Cultivate Tweetup)

Episode # 19: Communications Juice for Your Church (Jerod Clark)

Episode #20: What is Church Marketing Anyway? (David Tonen, Ralph Poupart)

Episode #21: Are You A Card Carrying, Reverse Networking Leader? (Matt Whitman)

Episode #22: How to Effectively Promote Your Christian Event (Adam Fry)

Episode #23: How to Position Your Church (Mark MacDonald)

Episode #24: The Essentials of Church Communications (Tim Peters)

Episode #25: Church Printing and Signage (Joshua Gordon)

Episode #26: Church Leadership Essentials (Greg Atkinson)

Episode #27: The Power and Value of Video for Churches (Garth Holmes)