Church Marketing Strategy:

Marketing strategy is misunderstood and under appreciated.  Strategy and planning is something every organization wants to skip because they would rather just jump in and get going.  Essentially, they let impatience rule.  However, if you do not have a plan on what to communicate, when, and how – your ministry will experience unnecessary stress, expenditure, and missed outreach opportunity.

Church marketing and communications plans
Our Specialty is Strategy

Our specialty is to help your church navigate through the process of creating and implementing an effective marketing and communications strategy so that your ministry will reach people with the greater effectiveness and impact.

A great strategy follows the elements of my “STORY” process.  Please take 1-minute and I will show you it here:

Let me help you tell your ministry story better – with a strategy customized to your church objectives do you can implement the best tools to reach the more people with the life-transforming story of Jesus.