Ministry/Blogs/Personal Branding:

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Church communication consultation

Personal Branding:

Barbara Kohl Ministries, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (website)

Matt Whitman, Halifax, Nova Scotia (website)

David Tonen took me from a relatively unknown, disorganized, social media and internet novice to a well connected, exceptionally branded and fantastically search engine optimized networking machine.” – Matt Whitman

Steph Robbins, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (communications strategy, website)

“David not only listened but heard what I said and blessed me with a website that was beyond my expectations but NOT beyond my financial limits.¬†God used David to provide a tool through which I can be more effective in impacting lives for Him…” – Steph Robbins

Personal Branding:

Jim Winsor, Kentville, Nova Scotia (branding, website)

Wildflower Photography, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada (website, communications consultation)


Pathways to Freedom, Halifax, Nova Scotia (branding, communication strategy, website, print materials)

Hillside Youth Ministries, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada (website, communication consult)

Manna House Charity, Milford, Nova Scotia (website)