Blogging and Podcasting on Church Marketing

It’s Labour Day.  A day to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers.  Well, I am a worker so it only seems right that I use this day to “relaunch” my social work of blogging and podcasting on church marketing.

I started blogging on church marketing on the Navigate Your Marketing blog in January 2008 and for the first two years I was writing an average of 15-20 posts a month.  Since November 2009, my regular blogging activity fell way off and my focused waned – my posting frequency was less than 6 times per month.  This summer I have had so many situations where I felt an opinion or piece of knowledge was needed on a topic that might help church leaders. So, today, I come back to the table (or computer, if you will)  with an excitement and commitment to share my insights on topics that will focus on helping pastors and church leaders to communicate with greater effectiveness, impact, and excellence.  There is such a need for churches to become educated on what marketing, communications, and technology strategies can do to help them to reach more people.  I hope I can add a fresh perspective to encourage leaders to grow in those pursuits.

Today I published Episode #20 of the Ministry Story Podcast.  This episode kicks of the fall season with my attempt to define marketing in a church context. So please take some time to listen and I welcome your feedback.

The idea here is that I want you to share your thoughts too. I would really like this to be more than just my ideas – I would love to have community. Thoughts that are shared, built upon, and refined. I am only one voice.  You as a reader have valuable insights that I and others can learn from too. I strongly urge you to join in so this becomes a conversation. Let’s enjoy the journey together!